Major Players State Networking’s Power

If you are reading this and you don't network, check this out.

“It has been the foundation of my most valuable clients, friends, suppliers, and relationships!” - See more at:

The Tucson Wedding Network has great power in connecting you with like minded Wedding Vendors. Why are you not taking advantage of this? Time? Money? Both? No matter what your excuse, consider what key networker's are saying.

Jeffrey Gitomer, renown Author of "Little Red Book of Selling", recently posted the above article on the importance of face to face networking. If you receive Jeffrey's Tweets and sales tips you know that this guy knows his stuff.

"Yeah, Marc but he's not in my market." I say OK. Major player in Arizona, Scott Faver, and seminar speaker on networking has earned one of the highest referral networks I have ever seen due to his involvement with people.

Still not convinced? If I told you that you could either spend little time and advertise in a local bridal magazine for a few leads or spend more time meeting people of same interest and little money and get thousands of leads, what would you do?

I'm also going to be blunt in saying that networker's are selfless. "Did he just say what I think he said?" Yes I did. Here's why. Strong networking people have the heart to help others. They have the passion to grow their business through learning. They are willing to take something so precious (Time) and use it to create relationships, grow business and help the community.

If you are not networking these days I urge you to start. If the business that you are interested in is not actively participating in some form of Association or groups, I urge you to ask them why not. These businesses are serious and statistics will show they will give you a much better service.

Marc Summersett is Owner of CE Entertainment ( and a member of Tucson Wedding Network, Tucson Wedding Connection, American DJ Association and Northwest Casas Adobes Toastmasters.

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