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6 Steps to Hiring a Wedding Photographer

6 Steps to Hiring a Wedding Photographer In the old days of film, there were typically only a hand-full of Wedding Photographers in any city, and you could find them in the Yellow Pages. Now, nearly everyone owns a┬áDigital SLR camera, and there are people in alarming numbers going out and buying a DSLR and…
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Calculating Depth of Field and Angle of View for Nikon/Canon DSLRs

Have you ever wanted a quick resource for calculating Depth of Field? How about just quickly finding the Hyper Focal Length? Maybe you've always wondered, which will give me more depth of field a 200mm lens at f/2.8 or a 300mm lens at f/5.6? How about quickly finding the Angle of View for a particular…
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How Full Frame DSLRs changed Wedding Photography

In the beginning for digital SLR cameras, all cameras were crop sensors. The cost of a sensor per square inch meant that a sensor the same size as a 35mm strip of film would be very expensive, and the two main DSLR manufacturers (Nikon and Canon) initially didn't think there'd be enough interest in a…
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