Monthly Archives: March 2015

How Full Frame DSLRs changed Wedding Photography

In the beginning for digital SLR cameras, all cameras were crop sensors. The cost of a sensor per square inch meant that a sensor the same size as a 35mm strip of film would be very expensive, and the two main DSLR manufacturers (Nikon and Canon) initially didn't think there'd be enough interest in a…
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Major Players State Networking’s Power

If you are reading this and you don't network, check this out. “It has been the foundation of my most valuable clients, friends, suppliers, and relationships!” - See more at: The Tucson Wedding Network has great power in connecting you with like minded Wedding Vendors. Why are you not taking advantage of this? Time?…
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It’s all about THEM.

It's funny that we, as vendors, like to think brides want to see our accolades, equipment or pictures of ourselves. They don't. They want to see pictures that will show THEM what you can do for THEM. When creating a wedding, keep in mind the big picture. Them.
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